Programmable interface per module

TravelConnect is an easy-to-integrate interface for building completely new web booking systems or expanding the functionality of existing websites. It is currently connected to Corporate TravelOnLine and Columbus Online, through which airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, and insurance can be sold. As the basic software has a modular structure, the interface can even be used to book a service, such as a plane ticket, a hotel, a rental car or insurance.
With TravelConnect, our partner only needs to design the user interfaces. You can insert the uniquely designed travel interface into your website according to your own needs. The design and structure of the code can be easily parameterized, it also meets individual needs. The ‘patterns’ made to use are easy to understand, and can be applied quickly even by less experienced admin users and developers. In addition to easy integration, our experienced team is at your disposal to ensure quick and easy setup and application.

Why do our partners choose the TravelConnect interface?

  • Easy to integrate
  • Customizable – the system can be easily and quickly modified using a basic HTML or CSS
  • Scalable – Once set, it can be quickly added to any part of the web page
  • Measurable – statistics allow you to track traffic data
  • Constantly evolving – following the market needs, we expand the range of services, eg: adaptation of new payment methods
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